Election of Office Bearers and Members of the Executive Committee

Melissa Robertson, President

Tony Psarros, Senior Vice President



Scott Johnson, Junior Vice President


Denis Coso, Junior Vice President – Non-Competition Teams

David Madden, Secretary


Jacob Madden, Treasurer


Jason Cachia, Coaching Director


Voting members as members of the Executive Committee

3 Voting Members who are not executive officers of the Association to be members of the Executive Committee
Michael Tsopanis
Chris Dimitriadis
Stan Scott

Non Executive Office Bearers

Assistant Secretary - Chelsea Robertson
Competition Secretary - Jason Cachia
Club Registrar - Chelsea Robertson
Assistant Registrar - Chris Dimitriadis
Club Recorder - Evan Tsopanis
Sponsorship Manager - Denis Coso
Canteen Manager - Jenny Patsanas
Functions Manager - Vicky Kappos
Head Gear Steward - John Salachoris
Assistant Gear Steward – Denis Coso and Dimitri Galanopoulos
Grounds Controller - Tony Psarros
Delegate to STGF Association - Melissa Robertson
Delegate to STGF Association - David Madden
Alternate Delegate STGF Association - Jason Cachia
Alternate Delegate STGF Association - Michael Tsopanis
Public Officer Department of Fair Trading - Julie Dayeh
Member Protection Information Officers - Melissa Robertson, David Madden