Founded in 1958, Our club has a rich history.

Our History

A Trip Through Time 1958-2008

HIGH ON LIFE! Sans Souci 11Bs Team 1971 Dean Bownes Bruce Johnston Chris Watt Jamie Doyle Russell Meers Phillip Davis Doug Reed Greg Jenkyns Craig Jones Brett Quayle David Coote Glen Bryant Ron Pilgrim Ball Boy - Jones

Sans Souci 11Bs Team 1971 Dean Bownes Bruce Johnston Chris Watt Jamie Doyle Russell Meers Phillip Davis Doug Reed Greg Jenkyns Craig Jones Brett Quayle David Coote Glen Bryant Ron Pilgrim Ball Boy - Jones

1958 The club fielded 3 teams with a total of 40 registered players, 1 under 10’s, 2 under 12’s The three teams performed well against strong opposition and where improving with every training sessions. The under 10’s fielded players as young 6 years old, that player went onto become the President of St George Association, Ross Gardner. The Club played its matches at Scarborough Park, Kogarah. With limited resources and equipment the Club first committee laid plans to expanding the club. Robert Anderson &
John Harris sign for the club.

1959 Advertising in Sans Souci Public school notice board and word of mouth the season started with 4 teams and 52 registered players, 2 under 13’s 1 under 11’s and one other. The foundations of teaching the players skills at a young age and winning will come later was the philosophy of the club founding father the late Mr Stan Moses who single focus was to promote and develop the art of soccer for the young boys in Sans Souci and surrounding districts.

1960 No Records Available (please forward to club if known)

1961 140 players registered (more information required)

1962 Soccer is on the rise with 13 teams and 178 registrations. Ladies Auxiliary is formed with the first meeting taken place at the home of Mrs A Holt on the 29 June, these hard working ladies are responsible for organizing funds to keep the Club alive will arrange to operate the canteen, wash strips, sell raffle tickets, organize functions, BBQ, picnic and offer vocal support to the teams . Over the coming seasons mothers like Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Harris, Mrs Lake, Mrs Sutton, Mrs Preston Mrs Henwood would assist the to raise funds. The committee presented each mother in the club with a gift on Mothers day and the committee received many letters of thanks.

1963 15 teams registered with 203 registrations this included under 8’s and our first team in the All Age Divisions. That year we lost two shirt The number 9 shirt from the 12’D and number 5 from the All Age (please return to the gear steward)….

1964 14 teams registered and 182 player registrations the Club collect 3 premierships with the 12C, 14A and the 16 bring home the clubs first silverware. Travel bags presented to George Harris and Ian Blue in recognition of their selection into the Australian and New South Wales under 16’s teams. The club are selling badges for 3 shillings contact Stan Moses if you want to purchase one. Stan Moses elected as life member

1965 17 teams represented in 15 competitions and 221 registered players the club collected 5 premierships, 2 runners up and 4 third spots. 23 players selected to play for St George Representatives teams. George Harris presented with his Life membership badge. The Club finished the season with $668 in the bank.
Albert Gardner & George Harris are elected as life members.

1966 12 teams fielded with 156 players registered. Colin Gibson becomes a life member

1967 The number of teams increase over 100% from last year with 23 teams and 300 players signing on the dotted line to pay for Sans Souci. The Ladies auxiliary organized four beetle nights, two club socials, one tennis day, one jewelry demonstration and one street ice cream demonstration and a an organized tour of Caltex refinery. Geoff Morgan x Sans Souci Player selected in the U23 Australian Team. Larry Mills elected to life member status. The hire it’s first professional coach Mr Karl Jaross in the nature of a experiment from which much was learned.

1968 Telegraph poles and floodlights installed allowing teams to train after 6:00pm. The under 18A go undefeated and win the St George competition, the Champion of Champions along with both Section A six a side and section B six a side and collect the White cliffs Trophy The 18A where the first St George team to win a Champions of Champions, they where also judged the most successful team . Robert Anderson & John Harris collect there 10 year badge

1969 25 teams with 349 registered players and the clubs wins the Club Championship and receive the B.M.C trophy for the third time in only eight years of existence. 5 teams finish as premiers. The Ladies Auxiliary made 6 sets of new shirts with the under 21 being designed in a new style. The club purchase a caravan which is towed to Claydon and functions as our canteen.

1970 26 teams and 353 registered players with the 6C, 8A, 10A, 14A, 16A, A.A.A all completing the season as premiers in their respective divisions. Ten year badge Ross Kolts, Kingsley Kolts, Larry Mills, Noel Flanders, Ray Doohan. Life membership is bestowed Brian Whipp
The AGM on the 3 December 1970 opened with 1 minute silence in respect for the passing of life member and founder father of the club Mr Stan Moses.

1971 27 teams playing for the club 15 teams reach the finals Under 6B, 8A, 9C, 10A, 11A, 11B, 11C, 12A, 12B, 12C, 13C, 14A, 15A, A.A.A, A.A.B. Eight team were runners up, 6B, 8A, 9C, 11B, 11C, 12A, 15A, A.A.B and the Club finished the season with four premierships 10A, 13C, 14A and the A.A.A. and producing two Champion of Champions 10A and A.A.A. Ten year badge Larry Buchanan, Graham Wirth, Ross Gardner, Alan Hicks, Brian Dunn, Alan Mawson. The Council agrees to the Club request to rename Scott Park as the Stan Moses Memorial Playing Field.

1972 29 teams playing in the red and green 14 teams into the finals, Under 8B, 8G, 8K, 9A, 10B, 11A, 12A, 12B1, 14A, 16A, 18A, 21, A.A.A, A.A.B Three runners up 9A, 12B1, 14A and five premiers 8G, 11A, 18A, 21, A.A.A . Ten year badge Stephen Bennett, Derek Mitchell, Terry Selmon, Jeffery Brooks, Roger Hall, Chris O’Meara, Rob Faroe. The Best and fairest award went to Colin Bennett. Miss Denise Wirth is Sans Souci entrant in the Miss St George Budapest Quest.
Life membership is granted to Des Slattery

1973 28 teams with 364 registration. The end of season function awarded Ten year badges Chris Cootes, Phillip Hamilton, Ross Chalfont, Jeffrey Scott, Mark Taylor, Robert Mansfield, Larry Quayle, Roland Vance, Kim Lake. The achievement of some past and present senior player George Harris ( St George) and Colin Bennett ( Sutherland) have been selected in the national squad. Darryl Peters, Robert Anderson, Larry Quayle, Robert Fareo, Steve Bennett, Kingsley Kolts, John Harris, Robert Pitt, Allan Hicks, Robert Salzam, Robert Stead and Larry Mills. Life membership is awarded to Eric Carter and Jean Buchanan.

1974 St George Soccer Association celebrates is Golden Jubilee (1924-1974) with 22 Clubs, 274 teams and 3,874 registered players soccer making our code the number one sport New South Wales. Stan Moses started with the Association when as a single man and continued for the remainder of his life to promote and foster soccer in our region. Ten year badge Paul Mansfield, Peter Buchanan, Ron Melbourne, Greg Faroe,
Brian Clarkson, Neil Whipp, Craig Gardner, Dale Chatwin, Dudley Allard, Peter Sleigh, Chris Falson, Gregory Horder, Matthew Hayes. R Edwards
The official life members list is now 18, Stan Moses, George Harris, Ross Gardner,Colin Gibson, Larry Mills,Brian Whipp, Des Slattery, Jean Buchanan, Eric Carter 1974 Bill Blue, Bob Buchanan, Howard Kolts, Diane Ludington, John Ludington, Bob Mills, Stan Passmore, Stan Scott, BobVinson.

1975 28 teams wearing the red and green and they start from under 6 to All Age. The total number of Life members is now 16. Ten year badge Robert Pitt, Graham Brailey, Ken Pilgrim, Greg Berrett, Neil Reynolds, David Berry, Glen Bryant, Graham Peters, Bradley Palmer, Robert Sinclair, Scott Slattery, John Milne, Russell Meers, Darryl Peters, Craig Jones. The all age age win the league 9 in a row and crown Champion of Champions for the third time in succession and the NSW Amateur Champions twice in a row. The club announces it’s first club Captain as Eric Carter assisted by Bruce Frazer put systems in place aimed at raising the level of coaching at the club The Club present Andy Peters with life membership

1976 24 teams with 312 registered players. 12 teams reached the finals delivering four runners ups and 4 premierships through the Under 8A, 16 A, AAA & AAB 12 players collected their 10 year badge.
Robert Salzmann, Ken Dempsey, Gregory Wall, Craig Oberg, Craig Wannan, Michael Nelson,Ron Pilgrim, David Fleming, Chris Watt, Douglas Reid. Barry Harris. Life membership is granted to John Wall.

1977 28 teams with 383 registered players 19 teams finished in the top four 13 reached the finals, 7 teams were crowned premiers 10B, 13B, 14C, 17A1, 17A2, A.A.A, A.A.B, and 4 returned runners up, 6B, 9B,11B2, 21A1. Two of our former player are selected into the Australian squad, George Harris and
Col Bennett. The 14 C went through undefeated scoring 71 conceding 15 and defeated Peakhurst 2-0 in the final. Robert Anderson & John Harris share the record for being the longest serving players in the
club reaching 20 years. Ten year badge Wayne Ludington, Alan Cowle, Joseph Giovenco, David Coote, Phillip Davis, Greg Jenkyns, Peter Natta, Rodney Sutton, Jamie Lake, John Economos, Michael Smith, Michael Stergoulas, Kevin Furner, John Bullaman, Ralph Moses, Kevin Boyle, Life members total 23 congratulations to Eric Hilton Robert Anderson John Harris.

1978 29 teams, 19 finished in the top four, 13 reached the finals 8 premiers and five runners up, 18A being Premiership winners. The opening of Claydon Amenities Facilities provided the club a permanent canteen two dressing rooms and a gear shed . 14 players colleted their 10 years service badge, Dean Saunders, Keiran Welzel, Peter Wright, Peter Aderman, Alan Henn, David Hickling, Geoff O’ Dwyer, Brian Turnbull, David Harris, Glenn Welzel, Stephen Reynolds, Phillip Monagle, Geoff Hardie, Stephen Osborne. Life members Steve Bennett and Don Coote . Council have plans for a second field at Claydon Reserve.

1979 31 teams and the 12B Minor Premiers and Premiers, coached by Phil Hogan also where awarded Best performed team, 18A & 19A and 21A win the minor premiership We had six runners up, 9C1, 10A, 19. 2A1, AAA Reserve and the AAA A, .10 year badge Peter Cootes, John Dale, Mark Evans, Andrew Coppin and Nola Whipp is elected as a life member.

1980 We fielded 28 teams two were minor premiers three premiers 11A, 19’S and 20’S.
10 year badge Stephen Ewings ,John Flewyn ,Glenn Vinson Richard Paviour ,Wayne Turnbar .
Life membership Peter Lake,.
Equal Opportunity the Ladies Auxiliary Committee1962-1980 become part of the Club history and ladies work side by side with the men in driving the club forward.

1981 The Club report the Under 10D, Under 21A and the All Age A won the Minor Premiers and Premiers titles the Under 10A, 14A, 15A, Under 20 and All Age A reserves were runners up in their divisions. The Senior ladies in the first year of competition were runners up. Club Captain Russell Baker & Billy McColl organizes a level 1 coaching clinic during the pre season to enhance the coaching skills of our coaches.
10 year badge Bradley Sutton Joseph Coppin, Kevin Harris. Life members equal 29 with the addition of Bob Meers, Alan Hicks and 20 year player badge.

1982 Happy Birthday the Club turns 25 and hold a function to celebrate at the Kyeemagh RSL Club on Saturday 28 August 1982 tickets $5.00 a head. 16 players awarded their 10 year badge.On record
Gary Wall, Stephen Moore, Paul Detmold, James Tweedie. The club only success on the field was the mighty 12C winning their premiership and three runners up 8A, 11A, AAA.

1983 27 Sides fielded in St George Soccer Assoc Competition including one over 35’s team. 8 teams made semi-finals of which two deliver minor-premierships the 12A & 13B. 6 teams played semi finals 10A, 12B 16A, 17A, AAA, AAR with the 12A & 13B winning the premiership. Kogarah Council install
more lighting at Claydon Reserve (in addition to the 1968 lights) and spend $3000 on improving playing surface.

1984 2 teams were minor premiers & premiers our 16A and AAA. The 18A won their grand final.
4 teams made the final earning the runners up position 8D,10D,13A(1),17A,AAC and the AA ladies
were semi finalists Graham Morris staged a knock-out competition for the 9&10 at Claydon Reserve during the June long weekend which was a great success. Des Slattery organizes the presentation night at Georges River Sailing Club. The Club mourns the loss of Robert Sinclair who passed away a victim of a road accident during the year. Kogarah Council paint the canteen and dressing sheds at Claydon and the committee acknowledge their support of the club.

1985 29 teams and 392 players registered. Winning 7 premierships 9A,10D,13B,17A,18A,19A,AAC. Producing 14 teams to participate in the semi finals 8D,9D,14A,21A, A/L AA1, AAR, AAC2, the premiers already listed and the ladies side. In a ten year period from 75 -85 they spent $29,705 on maintaining the playing surface of Claydon Reserve… 10 year badge Andrew Buckley, Andrew Reid, John Frazer, Mario Kittos, Chris Dimitriadis, Ricky Giovenco, Paul O’Connell and John Sutton, Scott Slattery awarded life membership

1986 29 Teams registered 2 teams as minor premiers, 10 teams in the semi-finals in the finals none delivering the big one …The Ladies Senior Team were minor premiers and runners–up in the Grand Final…and modern technology comes to the Club installing a phone in the canteen to assist with club enquires on the 10 March 1986 call 5293838 for information on Sans Souci.10 year badge Craig Preston, David Garnam, Angelo Stasos, Stephen Canti Life Membership Russell Baker, Greg Wall, Craig Oberg, Dave Butler

1987 One premiership 12C with 50% of the teams made the semi-finals all failing to make the grand final. The club order new playing strips for all the junior teams. The Sans Souci Lions Club provide Trophy for Best Performing Under 6or7 team Pepsi provided each player with T-shirt.10 year badge Glen Champion, Timothy Powell, Craig Frankland. Life Membership Jim Henwood elected, Joseph Giovenco 20 year player.

1988 This year we had 4 successful teams the 13B, AAA, AAC and the Senior Ladies (2) all winning their Premierships. Russell Baker and Billy McColl organize coaching clinic to improve level of coaching
at the club.10 year badge Paul Preston ,David Hawkins ,John Cunningham. Dot Buckley awarded life membership

1989 Described as the Year of the Rain Season was reduced to a one round competition 25 team teams fielded and 350 players. We collected 2 premierships through 13A,17A. Billy McColl commences coaching clinics aimed at improving the playing standards of the junior players. The Club balance sheet reveals the club is healthy and secure on financial grounds. 10 year badge Troy Dixon & Peter Dimitriadis. Sid Hawkins is granted Life membership. An additional floodlight installed at Stan Moses Reserve to throw extra light on training and a new water tank is installed by Rockdale Council.

1990 Fielding 22 Teams 228 players the club were successful in bringing home 3 premierships the under 14s, 18s and the 35s all winning their Grand Finals the Club finished 5th in the club championship. We entered a ladies team into the inaugural ladies state cup losing in Round one .Dominic Usalj Coach & Player of 9 years selected to play for Australia in U17s. FIFA made shin pads mandatory. 10 year badge. Troy Porter Daniel Infarinato. John Buckley awarded his life membership.

1991 19 teams and 247 players registered to don the famous Red & Green. 4 teams make the semi finals 12A,12B,13A,15A over 35’sand the Senior Ladies 2 Denis Griffen,and Billy McColl organize a great Rock’n’Roll at Sir Francis Drake Bowling Club to raise funds for the club with William Shakespeare heading the bill (my little angle). 10 year badges Michael Fantuz , David Bowen, Steve Franks, Sue McDougall Brad Smith, David Loham. Paul Bowen elected as life member.

1992 240 players 19 teams playing for the club, eight teams making the semi finals 9C,10A,12C, 13A(1) 14A,16A and the two senior ladies teams. The club spent $5967 on new playing strips, and equipment.
Fund raising –M&Ms was the clubs main income for funds with every player selling a box or two to assist the club pay the bills. 10 year badges Jeff Cunningham, Clint Harrod, Gavin Jennings, Michael Peters,
Ken Buckley, Jeremy McGrader. The Club install lockers inside the dressing sheds and each player is allocated a ball. Brad Sutton erects the Trophy cabinet in the canteen. John and Dot Buckley organise the six a side competition and raises $3,000 for the club and the club purchase a passport camera to assist with player registrations.

1993 With 18 teams and 225 players registered the club spends $4087 to ensure that all teams are playing with new strips. The club applied and was successful in obtain $15,000 grant to build an equipment storage facility at Claydon Reserve. The U17’s our only premiers. Fund raising was the clubs main focus for funds with every player selling M&Ms but was not as successful as the previous year…10year badges Darren Shepherd, William Mc Coll, Michael Cunnigham. Beryl Henwood, Greg Wall granted life membership.

1994 A total of 19 teams and 250 players registered representing the club their was no silverware with 4 teams AA1 u20’s u16’s and the 11C s all earning the runners up spot in the grand final. The club has three ladies selected to play for NSW Fiona Forster ,Laura and Alison McGuire. A Special mention goes to Sara Benson our first junior girl to graduate from juniors to the seniors ladies team.10year badges Warren Banning, John Xenides, Damien Henwood, Paul Fry, Michael Crisp, Sara Benson.
Life Membership awarded Billy Mc Coll.

1995 The club collects two premierships the under 16’s and our senior (under 20’s) ladies teams bring home our first ladies title coached by Sans Souci Legend Peter Natta. 10 year badges Andrew Baker, Allan Berry, Peter Berry, Sharon Easton, Stuart Harris.Life Membership Barry Harris, Robert Pitt, Matthew Hayes, Ken Pilgrim, Peter Natta, Brad Sutton,Peter Cootes,
Dave Garnam..

1996 10 Year badge Michael Mastroieni, Ryan Waters, Warren Gurney, Neil Bown

1997 John Harris awarded 40 year players badge. Followed by 20 year service David Hawkins, David Garnam, Glen Champion,10 year badge Joel Walker, Scott Johnson John Zavolkin.

1998 10 year badge Mark Easton. Life Membership Joe Margariti. Makin.g that 50 Life Members

1999 23 teams comprising of 17 competition teams and 6 non competition teams , the 9A runners up in the grand final was the high light of the year on the field. The committee arrange new goal posts for mini and mod field 10 year badge Ryan Harrod, Tino Papahristos, Harry Parashervaidis, Mario Auciello, Grant Johnston. Life Membership awarded Peter Dimitriadis Michael Corfield

2000 26 teams comprising of 19 competition teams and 7 non competition teams with the 2 premiers the 9D, P.L. Reserves with four runners up the A.A.A, A.A.R, A.A.E, 35B. The club collects the AS Tanner Shield for the (best Premier League Aggregate) 10 year badge Simon Usalj.Life Membership awarded Robyn Corfield , Greg Jenkyns(Over 35s 20year player) John Somerville

2001 29 teams comprising of 20 competition teams and 9 non competition teams, the 12C our only premiers with the 11A and the P.L.R runners up in the grand final The club collects the AS Tanner Shield for the (best Premier League Aggregate). The club purchased new jerseys for junior teams 10 year badge Shane Corfield, Michael Kougialis, Joe Margariti,

2002 27 teams comprising of 18 competitions teams and 9 non competitions with 5 premiers 11C, 11D, 12A, 12C, 14B. The 10D, 10G, 10F all made the grand final and finish runners up. We collect the Club Champion Trophy 10 year badge Warren Gibson, James Tranter, Joel Savage.Life Membership Jeff Cunningham.

2003 29 teams comprising of 20 competition teams and 9 non competition teams two premiers 12C, A.A.A. with 10B, A.A.R. finishing the season runners up in the grand final. 10 year badge Michael Habib. New nets purchased for main, mini and mod fields. Council commences major renovations to the sea wall and walkway and repair stormwater pipe.Life Membership Michael Cunningham

2004 29 teams comprising of 19 competition teams and 10 non competition three premiers P.L, PLR, 35B with the 10C, 12C, 13B runners up in the grand final 20 years badge to Craig Franklin and Tino Papahristos and 10 year badge Peter Stavroulakis. The council erect a new fence around the mini and mod field and complete the modifications making Claydon Reserve the number one park in the area. Major club raffle raises $7,890
Life Membership Craig Franklin

2005 34 teams comprising of 20 competition teams and 14 non competition teams with 350 player registrations and 5 premiers P.P.R, 12c, 9c, 9d, 35A and two teams runners up in the grand final P.L.1 and A.A.B. The club win the AS Tanner shield (best Premier League Aggregate) and the Premier league won the Football NSW Champion of Champions defeating Bankstown Sports 2-1 in the final. 10 year badge Glenn Johnston

2006 10 year badge Robert Chambers, Steve Piper, Jason Aiello, Diego Gonzalez, Christopher Stasos, David Young, Anna Dervenis, James Merciea Life Membership Neil Bown, Warren Gurney Dressing room renovated and made into one room incorporating an office, new aluminum goal posts for main field purchased, new line marker purchased. Introduction of website

2007 10 year badge George Markantonas, Justin Margariti, Anthony Tringas, Nicola Simonovic, Paul Walter, Stuart Coleman Life Membership Andy Paschalidis, Mario Auciello, Kerry Harrod. Canteen fully stripped and renovated, labor by Peter & Chris Dimitriadis. New slab hand excavation by Peter Stavroulakis and Michael Habib and roof cover for BBQ and cover next to canteen.

2008 Were here 50th years still going strong. 10 year badge Jarad McCarthy, Linsey MacMahon, Dean Veris, Angelo Vagenas, Ahmed Hassan, Michael Noblett, Blake Saunderson, Matthew Carnovale, Kate Savage, George Hanwell, Barry Symington, Frank Carnovale, Steven Sundstrom, Paul Vrakas, Vladimir Kipic, Roman Panovski, Gabriela Martin . 50 teams for the 50th year. All teams given new kit bags, ball bags, cones, pumps, bibs, training balls and match balls. Red socks introduced and given to every player. 5 female teams. 4 O35’ teams. Small sided games introduced for the Under 6’s, 4 v 4. New logo competition put out to the kids, winner Alexander Hatzikalimnios 9 yrs old. 738 registered players. New metal light towers on main field next to bay. Life members, 20+ players and past committee invited as guests to 50th Anniversary held at Venus Function Centre. Happy Birthday Sans Souci FC 2008. The evening was a great success uniting the past with the present, complementary 50th booklets handed out to everyone. Guest speakers, John Wall, George Harris, Billy McColl, John Harris, Chris Dimitriadis, Andy Paschalidis . Bill Aslanidis is the Master of Ceremony. 3 Tenors as entertainment along with DJ, DVD of SSFC games and photos.
In 2008 the club achieved the following: 22 teams of 31 competition where in semi finals. PL 1st and Reserves, AAA’s 1sts and Reserves, AAD, 17A1, 10D, 10C, 11D, 11C, 12B, 12A, 14C, 14BGirls, 16BGirls, 16AGirls, AAC Women, 35C1, 35B, 35A, 9C, 9B, 9A.
Of those teams the 10D, 12B, 12A, AAD & 35C1 all being Minor Premiers with only the 10D and AAD becoming Premiers.
Our 11D and Premier League Reserves making it to the Final, our Premier League 1st, AAA, 12B, 12A, 14C, 16BGirls, AAC Women and 35C1 being runners up in the Grand Final.
The 12A team was the only team to go to Champion of Champions losing in the second round.

2009 10 year badge Domonic Usalj, Marcus Araouzou, Anthony Kallel, Jim Kostopoulos, John Frederiksen, Patrick Abreu, Frank Raiti, Dimitrios Tsanidis, Harold Adamou, Belinda Karapathakis

Life Membership Peter Berry, Allan Berry, Ryan Harrod, Clint Harrod, Phil Hogan.
In 2009 the club achieved the following: 22 teams of 37 competition where in semi finals: Premier League Reserves, AAC, 35B1, 35A, AAB Women, 9A, 9C, 9D, 10B, 10C, 10E, 11A, 12A, 12D, 12BGirls, 13A, 13B, 14B, 14BGirls, 16CGirls, 18A, 18AGirls.

Of those teams the 12BGirls, 14BGirls, 16CGirls & 18A being Minor Premiers and Premiers, 10C Minor Premiers and runners up. The AAC, 9A, 9D, 14B all being Premiers.

The Premier League Reserves, 10C, 13A, 18AGirls 1 runners up in the Grand Final and our AAB Women &10B being Finalists.

Introduction of small sided games from under 6 to 8 and smaller sides of 9 on the field for the under 9 and 10's.

Off the field we gained another Junior female team making it 6 in total, 781 registered players, introduction of the new club constitution, Introduction of new club perpetual trophies that where named after Sans Souci Legends, The retiring of perpetual of no meaning to the club now archived in office. Chocolate Fundraiser drive for the new lights on the main field Promenade side, raised $11,000. New metal light towers installed, Adelaide Robertson of the 11D shaved the Presidents hair at Junior Presentation day for selling the most chocolates (7 boxes). Club purchased new laptop and printer for registrations, club purchased more equipment and clothing. Coaching clinic by Billy McColl total success, Thank you. Linsey MacMahon coaching the junior goal keepers 8 days a week. Premier League players and staff assisting with grading of the juniors. Junior Presentation day, we had great weather, great trophies for the kids, plenty of free rides with 1 small and 1 large jumping castle, Giant Slide, Futsal, fairy floss and snow cones, spinning swings, face painting, egg and spoon races, Trackless train, Free BBQ, drink and Fairy Floss for all the kids, Local S.E.S, Fire Brigade,

Mack Truck Psakis Transport, Perpetual Trophy’s handed out by the member to juniors, John Harris, Phil Hogan (for John Luddington), Gregory Jenkyns, Jeff Cunningham, John Wall, Craig O’Breg, Peter Lake, Billy McColl, Keith Moses, Linsay MacMahon, apologies John Sutton, John Buckley. Senior Annual Dinner Dance 25th September Venus Function Centre Kogarah.

A big thank you to the Committee, Coaches and Managers, Players, Mums and Dads for making 2009 another great milestone for Sans Souci FC.

A Detailed PDF of our History can be downloaded Here >