SOLD OUT!! Heartbeat of Football Function

This is GREAT news!! The HOF Launch Function has been SOLD OUT!! MANY MANY thanks for your support to this worthwhile cause.

Not many people know that 10 people have died playing mature age soccer in the last couple of years. This is a sad fact that must be addressed!

Heartbeat of Football is a new charitable foundation established in early 2016 and their aim is “Promoting Heart Health Through Sport” so that everyone can play the sport they love safely.

Heartbeat of Football have the following objectives:

• Educate - Elevate the understanding of the potential health risks around the participation in mature age physical activity such as sport.

• Prevent - Work with amateur sporting organisations to enable them to acquire, and
effectively operate, equipment that can assist and avoid life-threatening health incidents
and also adopt participation policies that minimise the potential for health related risks.

• Financially Assist - Provide for families in dire financial need that have been affected by
sport related deaths or disabilities with a level of financial assistance and other support.

Heartbeat of Football needs to raise awareness of their purpose and money to
deliver their objectives, therefore, please see attached invitation to this cocktail function giving
details of our high-profile speakers.

The cost of attendance will be $150 per person, which goes towards promoting heart health
through sport.

Heartbeat of Football Function Letter
Heartbeat of Football Function Invitation