Let the games begin! - Message from our Club Secretary

Dear players and parents,

Thank you for your patience as we place 800+ players into the 70+ teams that we are in the process of submitting these teams to the St George Football Association.

If you are in a 10, 11, 16 or 17/18 team, we have yet to provide coaches with the team lists. The team lists will be rolled out today and coaches will be in contact.

We have out InnerClub trial games this weekend commencing at 8:00am, SSFC teams play one game against another SSFC team or in the case of senior teams a visiting Club.

This weekend is all about fun and getting to know each other for the first time, most of you will not have trained together.

For ages 6 – 9 you will receive your jersey and shorts (possibly even socks) prior to the game. Please arrive half an hour before the game and meet up with your coach/manager half an hour prior to your game. Gear is provided on a team by team basis along the coaches training bag at the change room, gear will not be provided to individuals. For 10’s to seniors you too will need to come the change room as a team to collect your training bag, size your jerseys, etc this is best done before or after your game.

For all players your coach/manager is your primary contact. Additionally our website SSFC.com.au contains information that assists. By Wednesday night information regarding the trial matches for this weekend and a draft training roster will be posted on our website.

If you have not heard from a coach or manager by Wednesday night please contact the age mangers below:

Ages 6 and 7 – Denis Coso – 0412 793 819
Ages 8 and 9 – Maria Mamanidis – 0415 179 179
Ages 10 and 11 – Emmanuel Stavroulakis - 0421 063 630
Ages 12 and 13 – Michael Tsopanis - 0409 837 010
Ages 14 and 15 - Scott Johnson - 0455 044 566
Ages 16 - Michael Tsopanis - 0409 837 010
Ages 17 and 18 – Paris Patsanas - 0421 558 367
Senior teams – please contact us through this site and we will direct you to the appropriate coach.

We cannot officially use the ground for training until Thursday 1 March but teams are welcome to use the ground as it is public field. The first draft of the training roster will be provided the coaches/managers on Saturday, please only train at your allocated location.

Could all coaches/managers make contact with their team for re-assurance and also check they have registered on myfootballclub.com.au.

We are still looking for over 35 and 17/18 year old players.

Kind regards,

David Madden
SSFC - Secretary
M 0411 876 158